"It's really pretty simple why we chose to buy a Haulmark. I have a couple friends that have Haulmarks, and I have some that don't have Haulmarks, and the quality of the Haulmark was just, a simple design, yet it's durable. It just really works well for the applications that we need it for. I use my Haulmark  trailer in my sprinkling business,  to hold all the parts, the pipes, and all our tools. We keep it on the job until we are done, usually a week or 4 days at a time. The trailers been nice. It's really convenient, you can lock all your tools in there, and just keep everything on the job so you don't have to spend the time picking it up and getting it back out, it's all just ready to go right there on the job."    Brian C., Spanish Fork, Utah
Flex from Haulmark


The all new FLEX from Haulmark is a stylish, versatile and smart solution to your light cargo hauling needs. The top flips open. Pop a couple of clamps to detach the roof altogether. The FLEX’s lightweight all aluminum frame and low-profile design deliver carefree towing behind the smallest of tow vehicles. Chances are if it has a hitch, it can pull a FLEX. When you return back home, your FLEX fits neatly in the garage ready for the next family chore. Whoever said, “You can’t take it with you,” didn’t own a FLEX!


Flex 4' Wide


The FLEX 4' Model from Haulmark is perfect for cargo hauling. Featuring 54 cubic feet of hauling space, the interior dimensions are 5'8" length x 3'10" width x 2'6" height. The removable one-piece roof with keyed lock and hinged tip-up front make loading and unloading an easy task. From a camping trip to those great deals at the antique market, Flex 4' Model will deliver all home safely.

Flex FL5 Cargo Trailer


Height versatility is an option for the FLEX 5' Model from Haulmark. Overall height options are 4'10", 5'4" or 5'10" for this trailer. a standard body length of 8'6" gives this light cargo trailer that extra space for those extra items you need to move. The durable construction and rear loading ramp makes this trailer a must for any furniture move or outing. This Flex 5' Model features LED exterior lighting, SAE truck/trailer color coded wiring and D.O.T. compliant safety chains.