"I've pulled several other trailers as you're going down the road the other trailers I've found will tug you around and push and pull you.  My Haulmark trailer doesn't do that.  It doesn't pull you and tug you around.  I can run down the road at 75 or 80 miles an hour with this trailer  behind me, and it follows me where I want to go.  There's no pushing when you get into a hard curve.  It doesn't try to push you around the corner."   Chris G.  Rowley  IA 
Job Site Office


Keep your office on site and near the action for better field management with Haulmark job trailers.  Office and storage space are rolled into one in these steel-framed job trailers. Haulmark’s office trailers offer a wide variety of features and comforts to accomodate your needs in the field.  Inside the trailer, a desk with file cabinet and a planning table keep valuable project information at your fingertips, ready to display and discuss with your crew. Interior paneling gives the office area a professional feel, and the interior maintains a comfortable temperature thanks to heating, air conditioning and insulated walls. Outside, 110v lights let you work in any weather. Four windows give you a clear view of the project. A rear bay window with optional ramp is perfect for additional storage of materials and equipment.

 Available in 18' and 30' lengths and at 8.5' wide, Haulmark's job trailers help you get the job done at your job site.   When the logistical challenges of a construction project keep you from your office, bring an office to your job site with Haulmark job trailers.

Haulmark Model JSOWT3 jobsite office trailer

The Job Site Office model Specialty Trailer with Tandem 5,200 lb. axle configuration and 10,000 lb. GVWR. Available in various lengths.