"I've pulled several other trailers as you're going down the road the other trailers I've found will tug you around and push and pull you.  My Haulmark trailer doesn't do that.  It doesn't pull you and tug you around.  I can run down the road at 75 or 80 miles an hour with this trailer  behind me, and it follows me where I want to go.  There's no pushing when you get into a hard curve.  It doesn't try to push you around the corner."   Chris G.  Rowley  IA 
Haulmark Race Trailer


More features. Better value. That’s what sets Haulmark’s gooseneck car haulers apart from their competition. This hard working race car hauler beats out its competition when it comes to standard features. Haulmark’s gooseneck car haulers come standard with 16” centers on all frame crossmembers, wall studs and roof bows. They also include a one piece aluminum roof, white vinyl interior walls and ceiling. The exterior features polished aluminum corners for a more professional look, while the 24” stoneguard protects against road shrapnel down below, and L.E.D. exterior lights give you greater visibility on the road. Haulmark’s gooseneck car haulers also offer you several options, ranging from your choice of 11 colors to interior lighting, aluminum cabinetry, roof vents and D-rings. This trailer comes with all the space you need when you take your car to the track.