"I actually have 4 Haulmark  trailers. They are fully enclosed. I'm a general contractor,  so I've  got framing crews, finished carpentry crews, tile crews.  The  ones that I have, I'm not 100% sure on this, I think they're 5 x 10. We've had multiple trailers in the past, I won't name names, but it seems that Haulmark,  it seems to make a little bit better  quality trailer for us. Especially here in Utah, you know we're a little up higher, you know the weather can't be very friendly, and these trailers seem to fall apart really  fast but I like Haulmark  because they make a good solid trailer. But not only that but they are very competitively priced, so that's how come I have chosen to purchase Haulmark  trailers."  Nate T. , Heber City  Utah