Cargo Trailer

"It's a Haulmark enclosed trailer.   We go in and do demolition of big buildings. I don't do any small jobs. Everything I do is specialize, added takes really big iron to do that.   The role of my Haulmark  trailer is to store all my tools for the job site,  for all my specialty tools. Sometimes we use them to store parts in. or I use it to store parts in. But mainly it's there for the tools the guys have to have for the jobs."  Chris G.  Rowley  IA 
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Cargo Trailer Manufacturer

Put your trust in a cargo trailer manufacturer that knows about getting the job done. Whether you need a trailer for hauling electrical or plumbing supplies, construction tools and equipment, crafts, antiques or any kind of merchandise, Haulmark is a trusted cargo trailer manufacturer that makes products tough enough to get your cargo wherever it needs to go, no matter how remote the location. Need more incentive to make Haulmark your cargo trailer manufacturer of choice? Haulmark’s cargo trailers can also be outfitted with extras that make your life easier when you need it most. 

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